Instagram Landing Page Instructions

The Instagram page is a widgetized area where you can add an email subscription, links to your latest blog posts, shop, contact page or anything you like!  The following instructions will show you how to set it up like the demo.

NOTE: If you imported the demo content and widgets with your theme, the page will already be created so you can skip creating the page and move onto the navigation menu section.

Create The Page

Go to pages > Add New and name it something like “Instagram Landing Page”.  In the body part of the page, type in your site name (or even add your logo), I set the site name in the demo to an H1 Heading, you can do the same.

Once you have added your info, look to the right hand side, you will see a section called “Page Attributes” and “Templates”, from the dropdown under templates, select “Instagram Landing”.  Once you are done, publish your page.

Create A New Navigation Menu

Go to Appearance > Menus and create a brand new menu, name it something like Instagram Menu.  Add the pages and categories you want to show up on your instagram page, under pages you will see posts, you can add a latest blog post, once you add it, click on it if you want to change the label that shows up on your instagram page.

Under posts, you can also click on “Custom Links” and add a URL to an outside website such as a shop, give it a name like “Shop” and add it to the menu.

Once you have all of your pages and posts set up, do NOT assign the menu, just hit “Save”.

**Note, dropdowns will not work or look correct if you try to add any on this page.

Add the Nav Menu to the Instagram Page

The next step is to add your widgets, go to appearance > Widgets.

NOTE: If you installed the demo content, remove all of the widgets from the Instagram Menu widget area first.

Once you are there, look for the widget titled “Navigation Menu”, drag that into the “Instagram Menu” widget area.

Select the menu you just created possibly named “Instagram” and then hit “Save”.

Mailing List

If you would like to add a link to your mailing list such as Mailchimp, drag the Genesis E News Extended plugin into the “Instagram Menu” widget area and set it up like below. Once you have it set up, hit “Save”.

Note* For this to work you will need a mailing list from somewhere like Mailchimp.

Social Icons

To add social icons, drag the “Simple social icons” widget into the the “Instagram Menu” area.  Set the background AND background hover color on them to White or #FFF and pick any color you like for the actual icons. Set the size of the icons to 24 and set all of the borders to 0. To set it up exactly like the demo, you will find a file named INSTAGRAM PAGE SOCIAL SETTINGS inside your theme folder that will show a screenshot of how we set them up with the color codes.

Once you are done with the colors, scroll down and add your URL’s to the social media sections just like you done with the previous simple social icons widget you set up on your main blog. Hit Save!  Your instagram page should now be set up!

Adding Other Widgets

You can add other widgets to this page such as a welcome image, feel free to play around with different widgets if you wish to add anything else!

Now head over to the instagram page you created, grab the URL, add it to Instagram and check out just how amazing it looks!