How To Add A Plugin To WordPress

This tutorial will show you how to upload, activate, search for and update wordpress plugins.  The theme you purchased from us comes with a plugins folder but you will also need to search for and install jetpack if it doesn’t come preinstalled with your wordpress install.

Upload Your Plugins

Navigate to plugins > add new. On the page that opens up hit the “Upload Plugin” button.

A little box will show up, click on choose file, navigate to your plugins folder if you are using one of our themes and install your first plugin by selecting the “install now” button.

Once it’s uploaded activate it. Complete this step for each of the plugins in your plugins folder.

Search for plugins

If you click on plugins > add new again, on the top right hand side you will see a search box where you can search for plugins.

Type in the name of the plugin you wish to add such as “Jetpack” (this may already come installed with your wordpress hosting company but if you don’t see it then you will need to search for it).

You will then see the plugin you wish to add, install it and activate it.

Update Plugins

It’s important to update plugins after you install them, for security reasons among others. Click on Plugins > installed plugins.  Each plugin that has an update will have a yellow box displayed underneath it with an “Update Now” message, click the update now message to update it.