How To Create Categories On WordPress

Categories are the way to organize your blog posts, for instance, if you write blog posts about make up or beauty, create a category named “Beauty”. If you write recipes, create a category called “Recipes”. You can also add sub-categories, so for instance if you want to create categories for breakfast and another one for smoothies, you can create categories for both of those and place them under “Recipes”.  This tutorial will explain how to do that!

Step 1

Go to your wordpress admin panel, on the left hand side click on Posts > Categories.

Step 2

On the page that opens up, this is where you create your categories. In the screenshot below, you will see where everything should go. Remember a category name is something simple like “Beauty” or “Travel etc. You can create unlimited categories.

To organize your categories, you can set a parent category, for instance, you have created the category named “Travel” and you want to add some countries, select “Parent category” after you’ve created it from the dropdown menu and add your sub categories.

Congratulations, you’ve created your categories!